Welcome to Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness

The brainchild of Tristam Murdoch, a former Marine and experienced Personal Trainer.

In 2018, Tristam launched the company with the vision to provide high-quality and diverse training in a group environment that’s both accessible and affordable for everyone.

With over 4 miles of stunning seafront and open green spaces available in Southsea, as well as a plethora of running trails outside the city, Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness offers an unrivalled outdoor fitness experience all year round.

Passionate about improving people’s fitness in a fun and engaging way, Tristam is a true trailblazer and champion for outdoor fitness in the city.

Join us today and let us help you achieve your fitness goals in the great outdoors.


Our classes

We offer a wide variety of classes that cater to different schedules and fitness levels. Our timetable boasts 20 different classes per week, ranging from high-intensity interval training to strength and functional fitness.

Each class is 45 minutes long and includes a full warm-up and cool-down session.

Our instructors use a 3-tier fitness scale to provide options for exercises that cater to varying abilities, so everyone can get the most out of their workout. We use a range of equipment, including kettlebells, barbells, battle ropes, and medicine balls, to add variety to our classes.

The meeting point for all classes is next to the D-Day Museum on Clarence Esplanade, and any changes to the meeting point will be shared on our social media profiles.

We’re fully insured, so you can have peace of mind while you work out with us. Join us today and discover the perfect workout routine for you!

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At Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness, we pride ourselves on using the best personal training instructors. Our team of experienced trainers are dedicated to ensuring that every class is fun and every exercise is performed correctly, so you can achieve the best results possible from every session you attend.

We guarantee that every member who attends a Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness class will finish feeling fit, energised, motivated, and eager for more. Join us today and experience the expertise and passion of our top-notch trainers.


Our Instructors

Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness uses the best personal training instructors the city has to offer. All of whom have years of experience and are committed to ensuring exercises are done correctly. Our instructors guarantee that every person who attends a Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness class will finish feeling fit, energised, motivated and wanting more.

Tristam Murdoch

Level 3 Personal Trainer and Advanced Instructor

Gavin Brett

Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Lou Lovell

Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Sarah Zcal

Leader In Running Fitness, English Athletics Qualification

Eleanor Goble

Level 3 Fitness Instructor

  • Leona Sheehan
    POF is a great way to get fit, meet new people and get outside. It’s such a lovely community and the classes go really fast. Tristam is so positive and even though there is often many people in a group, he will always correct your form and encourage you throughout. It’s like having a PT but in a group. Best decision I have made fitness wise.
    Leona Sheehan
    POF Member
  • Ed Smith
    Joining POF was the best decision I have made! Tristam and his team of instructors are all brilliant and every session is varied, challenging and fun. POF is great for all fitness levels and it’s a community that is amazing to be part of!
    Ed Smith
    POF Member
  • Lauren Baker
    I have been to so many gyms over the years and never felt motivated to go. POF changed my view of fitness and motivated me to keep on improving. It is definitely the best fitness group around and the community feel is an added bonus. Would highly recommend going.
    Lauren Baker
    POF Member

Memberships start from £32 per month. No contract. No sign up fee.

Ready to take your fitness to the next level? Join us for an invigorating outdoor fitness class that will challenge your body and uplift your spirit. Sign up now and start your journey towards a stronger, healthier, and happier you!

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