About Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness

Following on from a successful personal training business, Tristam Murdoch was keen to offer the quality and variation of individual personal training sessions, on a bigger scale. And as an ex-Marine, taking training out of the confines of a gym, but still offering a variety of training styles, was paramount.

With 4 miles of seafront and open areas available in Southsea and a wide variety of running trails outside of the city, Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness offers so much for people looking to train outside, all year round.

Combining Tristam’s experience and passion for expert-led training, and with a fitness playground on his doorstep, Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness was launched in April 2018.

Our classes

Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness offers a varied timetable of 20 classes a week, at various times throughout the day. Each class will be different and will use a variety of training styles including:

  • Body Conditioning using equipment
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Circuit Training

All classes are split by a 3-tier fitness scale; Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. Instructors will adapt each class based on the three fitness levels.

The meeting point for all classes is next to Broadside Training, on Clarence Esplanade.

Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness is fully insured.

Outside the class, Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness is committed to building a community of like-minded individuals and will host regular socials to help build on the community spirit. Follow the Facebook page for details of upcoming events. Being a member will be like being part of a big family and group.

Our Instructors

Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness uses the best personal training instructors the city has to offer. All of whom have years of experience and are committed to ensuring exercises are done correctly. Our instructors guarantee that every person who attends a Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness class will finish feeling fit, energised, motivated and wanting more.

Tristam Murdoch

Level 3 Personal Trainer and Advanced Instructor

Gavin Brett

Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Lou Lovell

Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Tom Shaw

Level 1 Fitness Instructor

Eleanor Goble

Level 3 Fitness Instructor

We have a full and varied timetable of classes, running all week, every week! Nothing stops play.

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Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness offers a range of membership options. From pay-as-you-go to unlimited access, and student discounts.

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