Spring into fitness with Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness

Everything you need to know about POF Lite (and no, it’s not just ANOTHER exercise class)
February 5, 2022
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Spring into fitness with Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness

Lighter mornings, warmer weather – spring is finally here. Are you ready to spring into fitness with Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness?

Working out outdoors has so many benefits, and with Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness we can help you get into the best shape of your life whilst enjoying everything Southsea has to offer in spring! Here’s our top 10 reasons to spring into fitness with POF.

1. Mental health

Taking some time to be outdoors can completely lift your mood. No matter if you have had a bad day at work or things feel like they are piling up, enjoying a sunset session at POF can help to reduce anxiety and stress.

2. Vitamin D

It won’t come as a surprise to say we are all lacking a bit of vitamin D after a grey winter, so it’s even more important to give your levels a boost now we are enjoying the sunny, longer days!

3. Join our community

Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness is SO much more than a fitness class. We say it over and over, but you’ll make friends, have opportunities to join our socials, and a be a part of a supportive community.

4. Lighter mornings

Even our 6.15am classes are starting to see sunlight now, so there’s never been a better time to join! We promise, it won’t feel that early once you are working out on Southsea seafront!

5. Our classes are tailored to you

All our classes prioritise quality over quantity. We are always looking out for ways to help you improve your form so you are getting the most out of the classes. And we have sessions tailored to everyone, from POF Lite for those new to fitness to our POF classes for the intermediate and advanced.

6. Improves sleep

Regular exercise has so many benefits, one of those being an improvement to your sleep. Come along and see what a difference POF can make to your sleep routine.

7. Every class is different

Every week we have a whole range of different classes. From beach HIIT and strength classes to TRX and kettlebell workouts. This means you can safely come to classes on back to back days without risk of injury.

8. Experienced, friendly instructors

At POF, we only have the best instructors. They are all friendly and know their stuff, so you can feel safe in knowing they are there to get the best out of you, and can answer any questions you have.

9. Boosts your energy

Coming away from a POF class will leave you feeling like you have never felt before. It gives you such a boost in your energy and confidence knowing you have completed a class surrounded by other friendly members, it will keep you coming back.

10. Get you feeling the best you have ever felt

Ultimately, at POF we want you to achieve your fitness goals. These will be different for everyone, but the bottom line is – if you start today, think about what you could achieve by summer. Join Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness today and find out.

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