Everything you need to know about POF Lite (and no, it’s not just ANOTHER exercise class)

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March 25, 2022
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Everything you need to know about POF Lite (and no, it’s not just ANOTHER exercise class)

POF Lite is our friendly, sociable exercise class in Southsea for people wanting to get into fitness – or maybe even return after a break. We caught up with POF Lite instructor Lou to share everything you need to know before you join.

We get it, joining a new fitness class can be daunting. Walking into the gym for the first time and seeing all the equipment and not knowing where to start, before jumping on a treadmill for safety – we’ve all been there. What if we told you it doesn’t have to be this way? Exercise can actually be FUN – and the answer is right on your doorstep.

At Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness we run a weekly POF Lite session to break down those anxiety-inducing barriers which stops so many people from starting something new. So you know exactly what to expect before you join your free taster session, we spoke to POF Lite instructor Lou to find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

So what actually IS POF Lite?

“You may already know about our Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness classes, but I run the POF Lite group, which meets at 9.30am every Saturday at Castle Field, Southsea. Rather than stressing about your levels of fitness, you can join knowing that I will give you options throughout the 45 minute session so you can do as little or as much as you want.”

I’ve never done any kind of exercise before, is that okay?

“Yes! We have a range of people join POF Lite, some who are returning to exercise, and some who are brand new. I will talk you through every exercise, giving demos and help wherever needed. We want you to come away from the class feeling energised and proud of yourself, and not feeling out of your depth.”

What type of sessions do you do?

“Where do I even start?! The best thing about all POF classes is the variety, and it’s what our members love too. Some weeks we are enjoying the sun whilst exercising by the beach, and others we are using equipment on Southsea Common. You’ll never get bored like you would in a gym!”

What equipment do you use?

“Some sessions we use equipment, such as resistance bands, body bars and kettlebells. These are to make sure you’re building strength as well as cardio fitness. But it’s nothing to be worried about, I will always show you exactly what you need to do and how to use the equipment so you’re getting the most out of the class.”

How does it compare to the main POF classes?

“Whilst POF is a high intensity class for people who have been members for a while, POF Lite is a great introduction to outdoor fitness. The classes are lower impact so really beneficial if you are returning from injury, and we have a few more breaks in between exercises. You’ll still come away feeling like you’ve had a great workout!”

I’m sold – how do I join my first class?

“You first class is completely free with no strings attached. Just drop a message to Tristam on 07828 231834 to get booked in.”

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